Joining Swaps and Privacy

You must be 18 years or older to join our swaps!

How to join a Swap (in brief):
1. Click the link in the side bar to be taken to the current swap.
2. Log into Swap Bot
3. Click Join Swap
4. Enjoy making your ATC and HAVE FUN!
5. When the sign up time finishes log into Swap Bot and go to the swap page. Click "See the partners you send to" to find your partners address.
6. Send off your item!!
7. Receive an item from your partner and give them a rating on Swap Bot

Your Obligations if you Join a Swap

If you join a swap I expect that you will follow through by making the ATC and sending it to your partner. Once the sign up period finishes and partners are assigned you must send your item or your partner will miss out. This is not fair to other swappers.

If you are not sure you can meet your obligation to send the ATC to your partner please do not sign up for a swap.

The only time you can cancel your involvement in a swap is during the sign up period.

The Importance of Communication

Sometimes we have life troubles... If you will be late in sending please communicate with myself and your partner via Swap Bot and let us know why you are having trouble sending your item. You can find your partners email via the swap page by clicking the link "See the partners you send to".

About Swap Bot and Why We Use Their Service

Our swaps are hosted with Swap Bot therefore in order to join in you will need a Swap Bot Account.

Swap Bot benefits swappers by protecting your private information (your address) and providing services such as automatic reminder emails for the swap you have signed up for. If you're not sure you want to join in straight away you can watch the swap and get a reminder email close to the end of the sign up period. It also has the benefit of allowing you to rate swaps when you receive your ATC, and allows me to check that the people signing up do not have any negative ratings indicating they might not follow through.

Newbies are welcome of course, so if you have never used Swap Bot before, create your account, fill in your profile and sign up for the swap. A complete profile will enable your swap partner to see what you like and dislike and possibly create a personalised ATC just for you. You can use my profile as an example on what you should include.

You do need to put your REAL postal address and REAL email address. Your address is only seen by your assigned swap partner. Please use a PO Box if you are unsure about listing your home address.

What About Privacy?

Swap Bot is the only place you will fill out personal details. I will never ask you to provide personal details about yourself or your postal address.

Swap Bot assures that the only people who will see your address information is your Swap Bot partner who will send your swap item. As the coordinator, I have access to your email address when you sign up in the rare event that I may need to send you an email. You will also receive automated emails when your partners are assigned.

Your Swap Bot profile is public. Please do not include personal address details in your public profile.

Please read through Swap Bot's terms of use if you would like more information about their privacy policy.