Saturday, April 9, 2011

Add Your Link

It is great to see people dropping by the ATC Swaps blog and the first monthly swap. There is still a week to decide if you'd like to participate this time. Then after the 15th I'll assign partners and start the signup for the next swap.

We have 3 participants and 11 others watching the loom bloom swap which is a fantastic start. I know I am more than happy that I am not alone on this one and if we make it to 5 participants I'm going to do a little happy dance around my sewing room!

I know that sometimes time and money contstrain our hobbies. At this point I have been able to make my ATCs purely from stash materials and since I'm a letter writer, I already have envelopes to send off my art. My biggest expense is postage (only about $2.20 internationally though thankfully) and I don't want this to hold anyone back from participating. So while the aim of the swaps is ultimately to send your art and receive a small piece in return, there is nothing stopping you from making an ATC and keeping it for yourself.

Here is how we're going to include everyone... If you tried the technique (whether you're swapping or not), you can take photos, post them to your website or blog and then add your link into the comments on the technique page so we can all see what you made.

Have you made your Loom Flower yet?? Post your results to your website/blog and add your link in the comments!!

I've also been working hard on filling the site with tips and info. Please feel free to send me any questions or suggestions. You can respond here, or send me a private message on Swap-bot.

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