Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sharing is Caring

Do you have a quilting, art or craft blog that you would like to share?

I'd love to see some new blogs so I started up a little Quilting blog swap on the side. I received a few private messages from people who perhaps had a flickr account but not a blog, or who had a textile art blog but only a few posts were about quilting and even someone who didn't do quilting but did do other crafts. So this swap has ow spawned three new swaps. Want to join in?

The original swap: Follow My Quilting Blog (sign up ends 25th May)

The other super quick and easy electronic blog (or flickr, etc) swaps!! (sign up ends 4th June)

Follow My Craft Blog - any craft!
Follow My Art Blog - any art!
Follow My Textile Art/Craft Blog - anything involving textiles!

Good thing I have a variety of blogs... this is going to be fun!!

You'll get 5 partners To each partner you will send a link to your blog in email. You can send more than one link if you want to recommend more sites, but please no more than 3 links, and make clear which link is your own blog!

When you receive your link please take time to look at the other persons blog, follow it if you like their content, but as a minimum comment on at least 2 of their blog posts. (we all love comments right - make sure your comments are positive!)

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